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Mobile App Development

SysAlgo Technologies / Mobile App Development

We are doing Mobile App development since 2009 when it actually started booming. Till then we have developed various types of Mobile Apps, some of those have gained popularity in Playstore and iTunestore.

There are some thumb rules for developing good mobile apps.

The app must be compatible with every available OS versions.

The app must load fast even if it calls data through web service.

The app must be stable and secured.

The app must look good on all mobile screen size.

The app must use less space of the mobile storage.

The app must be easily upgradable.

We satisfy each and every thumb rule while creating a mobile app. And we always use the latest technology to build the mobile app. Like for IOS, we now use Swift language for app development. 

Step 1 : Requirement Analysis & Scope finalization

After getting the requirement from the client, we first analyze the requirement and provide our understanding to the client. Once we get aligned with the client’s vision, we write the specification of the app with the inputs from the client and our suggestions. And, after some back and forth communications with the client, we create the final scope of the work and set the delivery milestones.

Step 2 : Creating the Visual Flow of the App

After scope finalization, we design each and every page of the app and create a power point presentation of the complete flow of the app with those pages. Once the client finalizes the design of the pages and the flow of the app, we forward the same to the development team.

Step 3 : Writing Web Services & Creating UX

After getting the final scope, we forward that to the back-end web development team(if required), and the mobile app development team. They start working simultaneously. The web development team starts creating the web part of the app and writing the required web services. And the mobile app development team starts creating the XML pages of the app. Once all web services are written, and XML pages are created, the mobile app development team starts developing the app.

Step 4 : App Testing & Beta Release

After the complete development of the app, we forward the app to our testing team to do a thorough testing on various mobile screen sizes and OS. They also perform load testing on the app. During this, we do the beta release of the app to the client so that the client can also check the app and report any issues. We use a popular bug tracking tool “Mantis” for bug management. By rigorous testing of the app, we ensure final delivery of the app bug-free.

Step 5 : Final Delivery & Deployment

We do the final delivery of the app by deploying the application on Google Playstore and iTunestore as applicable.

We understand that 100% bug-free delivery of the app is never possible. Even after rigorous testing, there is a chance of finding minor bugs in the app once that is live and end-users start using that. Thus we provide 6 months’ support after final delivery of the project. Any issues found in the system get resolved within 24hrs time.

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