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Open-Source Development

SysAlgo Technologies / Open-Source Development

Most of the clients with small application requirement now prefer readymade solution instead of building from scratch. Hence the open-source scripts like WordPress, Drupal, Magento have gained huge popularity. But undoubtedly WordPress has the highest demand among those because of its hundreds of useful plugins which can enable the WordPress script to be used for various purposes. So we mainly provide WordPress based solutions.

For development on open source scripts, we follow the below steps.

Step 1 : Requirement Analysis & Scope finalization

After getting the requirement from the client, we first analyze the requirement and provide our understanding to the client. Once we get aligned with the client’s vision, we write the specification of the app with the inputs from the client and our suggestions. And, after some back and forth communications with the client, we create the final scope of the work.

Step 2 : Plugins & Theme finalization

Once the scope is finalized, we suggest the open-source script that is best fitted with the requirement and the plugins which are required to achieve the enhanced features. After the client approves the suggested script and plugins, we propose various themes to the client based on his/her requirement and get the theme finalized.

Step 3 : Installation & Customization

We first install the open-source script with the theme on our staging server, and then one by one install the themes as per the requirement. After completing the installation, we do the required customization works on the theme and plugins to achieve the client’s final goal for the site.

Step 4 : Testing & Beta Release

After the complete development of the site, we forward that to our testing team to do a thorough testing. At the same time, we do the beta release of the site to the client so that the client can also check the system and report any issues. We use a popular bug tracking tool “Mantis” for bug management. By rigorous testing of the site, we ensure bug-free delivery of the site.

Step 5 : Final Delivery & Deployment

We do the final delivery of the app by deploying the application on the client’s hosting server.

Warranty & Support

We understand that 100% bug-free delivery of the app is never possible. Even after rigorous testing, there is a chance of finding minor bugs in the app once that is live and end-users start using that. Thus we provide 6 months’ support after final delivery of the project. Any issues found in the system get resolved within 24hrs time.

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