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Conventus- A project management system

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Conventus- A project management system

Conventus is a smart project management system which is able to handle numerous projects going on for any company. A user can register in the system as an account owner and can add/invite team members to the system. The account owner or other team members with admin access can create new projects, and sub-projects, milestones and tasks under the projects. Account owner/admin also can assign users to those milestones, sub-projects & tasks respectively. Users can open a communication for a task they are assigned to. There are various graphs & reports present in the system to provide a graphical view of project status. The system has everything which a standard project management system requires.
Live Link: http://www.conventus.co.za/
Here is the link from our development server to view the features. Username: pritha.mlindia@gmail.com Password: pritha

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May 31, 2017


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CodeIgniter, Highcharts, Project Management, Reporting