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SysAlgo Technologies / Mechanicly


The Mechanicly app is responsible for hiring car mechanics. Users can enter the details of the problem with their cars and search for suitable mechanics through a map.


There are three types of users in the system.
a) Customer
b) Mechanic
c) Admin


While registering into the system, mechanics can specify the type of service they provide. Customers of the application can select the type of service they want and the system shows the available mechanics through a map who offers the same services.

Some of the key features of the app are as follows.


Normal User:
Registration, Add car, Request for a Service with type of service required, Schedule a service through calendar, Notification, Real time tracking through map, Internal messaging, Approval of job, Payment, Rating/Review, Service History etc.

Registration, Notification, Job location and route through map, Internal Messaging, Availability Status, Payment Receiving on Braintree account etc.

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August 10, 2017


Mobile App