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SysAlgo Technologies / MyTippingPal


This is a very useful app for tipping other people. Users of the application can register by providing their relevant information like name, email id, location, PayPal login credentials. They will also have a unique username/id after registering into the application which will be associated with their email id or PayPal id.


After registering, users can transfer money to other users’ unique id in order to send money to their PayPal account.


Users who want to send money through the system will have to fill a multi-step form. On the first step, of the form, they will find the option to choose an amount from several options ($10, $20, $30 etc..). The amounts will be predefined from the system and there will be an option for the users to input their own amount also but any kind of transaction amount has to be less than $100.


After selecting the amount, users will be redirected to a page containing two text fields where they can type the unique id of the payee. Users can simply confirm the payment and the system will proceed with the payment procedure. After the transaction, the receivers get push-notification when money is credited to their account.


Users from their dashboard can see the full history report regarding the transactions and the list of users to whom they have sent money or from whom they have received any payment.слова яндекссorenburg.v-stroim.ruтарифы мтс тамбовская область301 редирект htaccess


August 10, 2017


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