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This system is a multi-user deal management application where you can create deals, attach documents, manage users, generate reports, manage funds.In this system, admin can create a contract by filling a web based form containing various details and send an invitation to the clients to place their orders. After login as admin click on ‘Add a new deal’ to create a new deal. Click on ‘Create Invitation’ to see the list of deals which are created and there you will find the option to choose a client and send them the invitation.

The system is also powered by multiuser hierarchy level and e-signature api.


Admin: jadmin/ admin
Client: jclient/ adminseo продвижение оптимизацияоформитьдетская одежда рекламавиза для граждан китаякожаные кеды на шнуровке


June 1, 2017


Web Application