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Olivv Business Directory

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Olivv Business Directory

This is a business directory app where admin can showcase the businesses and their various types of events. Users are able to use the app to view the business details in order to contact them.

The admin can manage (add / edit / delete) a business, specify the Business Categories, enter the Business details along with add/edit events that will be listed in the calendar along with event details.


Event Listing:

If there is an event on a certain date, then there will be a little circle on the date in a specific color. Each color represents a separate category. (For example: Red=Dating Event, Blue=Charity Event, etc.). Under the calendar, there will be a legend displaying what each color means.

Once a user clicks on a specific date, then it will open in a new window and there will be a list of events on that date.

Once a user clicks on a specific event, a new window will open with the details of the event. The details will include a Title, Image, Date, Time, Address, the ability to export the event to iCal, and maybe a little more info.

If the user decides, in the Settings, to view the calendar in a List View than the
upcoming events will be listed in chronological order and there will be a space and a
title (displaying the month) in between each month.

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August 10, 2017


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