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Web App Development

SysAlgo Technologies / Web App Development

We are into web app development since 2005. During our long journey, we have witnessed a huge change in the technology and customer requirement and modified our services accordingly. We have adopted all the latest tools, technologies, & scripts.

Our target is to provide a stable and cost-effective solution to our customers. And, nowadays, security is a big threat. Thus we use the open-source frameworks like Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter, CakePHP for developing the applications. These frameworks have strong inbuilt security which makes the applications secured, also increase scalability.

An application with excellent features but bad user interface can never succeed. Hence when developing an application, with the features, we equally take care of the user experience. Our clean, easy to navigate, responsive user interface for the applications are loved by the customers as well as the end-users.

When developing an application, our main goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with the end result. We don’t only follow our customers’ instruction, we provide our valuable feedbacks and suggestions to provide them an effective solution for their requirement. We follow some very useful steps as described below for an application development.

Step 1 : Requirement Analysis & Scope finalization

After getting the requirement from the client, we first analyze the requirement and provide our understanding to the client. Once we get aligned with the client’s vision, we write the specification of the application with the inputs from the client and our suggestions. And, after some back and forth communications with the client, we create the final scope of the work and set the delivery milestones.

Step 2 : Designing the Application

After scope finalization, we design the complete user flow/ wireframes for the application to give a clear view of the end-result to the client. This process reduces the possibility of mistakes in the development up to 90%.

Step 3 : Developing the Application

This is where we design the database and develop the website functionality. We hook up the functionality to the prototypes and those pages then become available to you on the staging website to review. Only functionality documented in the wireframe stage will be developed on the website. All additional changes to the functionality, outside of original scope, typically require a Change of Scope request.

As you can already tell, through previous steps we try to minimize the risk and cost of changes as much as we can by attempting to nail down the look, functionality, and flow of the system before we get into the time-expensive phase of development.

At this stage, with using various development tools, we use the code version management tool Subversion (SVN). If requested, we provide the SVN link to the client so that the client can check the coding standard anytime.

Step 4 : Application Testing & Beta Release

After the complete development of the application, we forward the application to our testing team to do a thorough testing following well-written test cases. At the same time, we do the beta release of the application to the client so that the client can also check the system and report any issues. We use a popular bug tracking tool “Mantis” for bug management. By rigorous testing of the application, we ensure final delivery of the software bug-free.

Step 5 : Final Delivery & Deployment

With deployment of the application at client’s server we do the final delivery of the project.

Warranty & Support:

We understand that 100% bug-free delivery of the application is never possible. Even after rigorous testing, there is a chance of finding minor bugs in the system once the application is live and end-users start using that. Thus we provide 6 months’ support after final delivery of the project. Any issues found in the system get resolved within 24hrs time.

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